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Servicing an electric vehicle (EV), or the electric engine of a hybrid vehicle, involves several key maintenance tasks which are distinct from those required for an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle.

HSR Autos in Aberdeen are specialists in the maintenance of these complex vehicles.


Typically, an EV vehicle will need:

  1. Regular visual inspections to check for signs of wear, damage or any peculiarities in the exterior, the tyres, and visible interior components.
  2. Battery maintenance – most modern EVs have advanced engine and battery management systems which handle the charging and discharging of the battery; it’s important to monitor EV battery health. All EV vehicles come with manufacturer guidelines for maintaining battery health and best charging practices. Some recommend avoiding extreme temperatures and frequent full charges.
  3. Braking system – many EVs use regenerative braking to help recharge the battery, but the braking system itself still requires regular maintenance, in the same way, an ICE vehicle does. Checks are required on the pads, discs, and brake fluid level.
  4. Tyre maintenance – EV vehicles must have tyres which are specifically designed and manufactured for EVs. EV vehicles are far heavier than ICE vehicles and, therefore, require tyres which can handle the extra load. Tyre pressure and tread depth should both be checked regularly. The driving range of an EV vehicle is improved with properly aligned and inflated tyres.
  5. Cooling system – EV vehicles have a cooling system to regulate the temperature of the battery and other components. Regular checks on the cooling system, to make sure it’s functioning properly, will prevent overheating and maintain efficiency.
  6. Air filters – in exactly the same way as in an ICE vehicle, all the filters in an EV or hybrid vehicle need changing regularly to ensure the air inside the vehicle is clean.
  7. HVAC system – HVAC simply means “heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning” and all these systems affect how many miles you will be able to drive from a full charge. Making sure all these systems are functioning properly will help increase the mileage you get.
  8. Software updates – EV and hybrid manufacturers regularly issue software updates to improve performance, fix bugs, and enhance features. Make sure you update your vehicle as soon as a software update is issued.
  9. Servicing – a lot of the above can be carried out by the EV/hybrid owner themselves but professional servicing is still recommended. Be sure to take your vehicle to a qualified technician/garage – the minimum a technician working on your car should have is the IMI Level 3 qualification, and the garage should be a HEVRA member.
  10. Manufacturer warranty – as with any new vehicle the manufacturer will issue a warranty for a specific number of years after it’s sold for the first time. Be careful to follow the warranty terms and conditions exactly to avoid invalidating the warranty.
  11. Charging equipment – periodically check the connectors on the car or van for any signs of damage, and if you have a home charging point, check that too. Ensure everything is in good working order to make sure charging your EV vehicle continues to be safe.

The above information is offered as a very basic guide to maintaining an electric or hybrid vehicle. The detailed specifics will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even model to model from the same manufacturer.

Why Come to HSR Autos for your EV or Hybrid Service?

If you are in any doubt about what maintenance your electric or hybrid vehicle requires, our team at HSR Autos will be able to advise you.

We are HEVRA members and owner Marc is IMI Level 4-qualified (the highest level possible), and as such is trained in:

  • high-voltage component operation
  • working on live, high-voltage components
  • high-voltage “power-up” and “power down” protocol
  • battery design and cell chemistry
  • high-voltage battery repair
  • cell-balancing processes.

Don’t hesitate to pop in or give us a call for a no-obligation discussion about what your EV or hybrid needs.

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HSR Autos in Aberdeen are members of HEVRA (a network of independent garages that are vetted to make sure they have the correct tools, equipment, and qualifications to work on electric and hybrid models), and are proud suppliers of Pagid brake products – a global leader in braking systems excellence.

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